Latin Piece Of Soul (2013)

All the fourteen tracks building this new album were at Mato studio in Paris, recorded on analog equipment with rare vintage instruments. Influenced by the Nuyorican’s maestros from the seventies, the band was also keen to create his own Futuristic-Latin-Soul sound. Going through a long and meticulous recording process, the band deeply wanted to focus on the “Sound”, and they trusted to do so. Known as a DJ Vas member of Electro-Funk band , he’s mixed the entire album with his famous skills for deep analog Kojacksound and dancefloor club energy.

From the successful live experience and the great human meeting between Orlando and Setenta’s members, followed a strong desire to record together. Quickly they decided to rearrange his famous “Ijo song, taken from the Soul” Super Afro Soulalbum he recorded in 1966 for Philips. A song which blew the king James brown himself during his trip in Nigeria in 1970 and influenced him for the composition of his “I Feel Good“ classic .This track perfectly sum up the rich energy and raw power bubbling in the Orlando Julius compositions, effortlessly blending together Afro Soul and Yoruba swing. Now here comes Ijo Soul 2013!

The album also contains two covers that reflect the eclecticism of the band. First they decided to take on the Hip-Hop classic “”, interpreting the original Galt MacDermot’ Woo Haa!!! Got You All In Checkcomposition with a funky Mambo version - and Busta Rhymes flies to the tropics! - Then the smash hit ““ by Nirvana, is revisited with a massive Boogaloo touch, ready to hit radios and Smells Like Teen Spiritdancefloors from all over the world.

With this pulsating and rhythmic album, Setenta gives us a modern definition between Salsa and Funk. The funky Latin band from Paris is back with an explosive sophomore effort and Latin Piece Of Soulsounds like a future Latin-Soul’ masterpiece already!

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